We’ve covered thousands of kilometres, for every child. 🚐

What a whirlwind this month has been!


Throughout May we took the For Every Child van on a tour of South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland - speaking to teachers, support staff, principals, students and parents about the impact that full funding could have on their schools, their lives and their communities.  


Over the last month we: 

  • Visited schools from the inner city to the outer suburbs and the regions. 
  • Spoke to hundreds of teachers, parents, support staff and principals.
  • Had hundreds of new sign ups to the For Every Child campaign because of direct conversations about the importance of public education funding. 
  • Ensured public education was front and centre in the news with coverage across major media outlets in print, online, radio and television.  

During our tour we stopped in Sydney for Public Education Day, where we were joined by the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, as well as Federal Education Minister Jason Clare.

Anthony Albanese is the first Prime Minister to join us on Public Education Day, a testament to the progress we’ve made during this campaign.  

He spoke about the importance of Australia’s public education system, saying: 

"All Australians can proudly point to public education as one of our great strengths as a nation. A quality education system that is available to everyone regardless of their postcode, their wealth, faith or ethnicity. An education system that is an intrinsic and transformative part of our social fabric...”

It’s encouraging to hear this support for public education from the Prime Minister. But we need increased investment to really change lives. 

Send an email to PM Anthony Albanese urging him to back public education with full funding? 

Already thousands of us have contacted the Prime Minister about this, showing that the issue of school funding is deeply felt by Australians. And he has taken notice. 

Let’s keep the pressure on Anthony Albanese to be the Prime Minister our children need, by delivering full funding for public schools. 


By signing up, you join thousands of Australians in letting the government know we demand a better education for generations to come. The more supporters we have, the more chance we have of achieving our goal.

Together, let us join forces and create a nation where every child has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.